Quality management policy, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

     MEGA EL EOOD declares that the main goal of the management and the antire staff is to create and deliver to its customers a product, which not only complies to their requirements, but also exeeds their expectations for quality.
     MEGA EL EOOD continuously monitors the degree of satisfaction of the customers and the interested paties, examines their recommendations, requirements and claims for the purpose of the product characteristics imptove and the improvement of the integrated management system.
     MEGA EL EOOD continuously examines the latest achievements of tehtechnologies and materials in the energy sector and applies them in its activities by engaging in using of energy saving technologies and materials.
     MEGA EL EOOD sustains a high qualified and motivated stuff. We aspire for everyone of our employees to understand the importance of its actions in respect of satisfying the requirements of the customers, the environmental protection, the provision of occupational health and safety.
     MEGA EL EOOD accepts the process approach for establishing and maintaining of the integrated management system and in this connection performesa definition, planning, implementation, control and continuously improving of all processes influencing the quality of the offered products. Defines and collects the necessary information about the course of this processes and measures the results regarding its produtivity and efficiency. The management examines periodically the functioning of the integrated system, the fulfillment of the purpose and the setting of new management aims.
     MEGA EL EOOD complies strictly with the commercial secrecy and the confidentiality of information, leaved by our business partners in the process of collaboration.
     MEGA EL EOOD guarantees his customers correctness and a strict implementation of commitments as well the compliance with the requirements of the normative acts.
     MEGA EL EOOD is engaged in the continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution resulting from the organisation activity. We perform periodic inspection with respective analysis of the matters concerning the environment and the impact thereof during the implementation of the organization activities and determination, control and management of the environmental aspects.
     MEGA EL EOOD undertakes to comply with all legal requirements and requirements of other countries relating to the aspects of our activities.
     MEGA EL EOOD exercises control and continuous optimization in the use of natural resources for implementing the activities of the organization.
     MEGA EL EOOD undertakes to prevent incidents and accidents for preventing injury and illness and to improve continuously the management of health and occupational safety during implementing the activities.
     MEGA EL EOOD undertakes to comply with the current legislation in the occupational health and safety and the respective requirements, accepted by the organization.
     MEGA EL EOOD undertakes to perform periodic instructions and trainings for the knowledge refreshment and qualification upgrading for all employees and workers of the organization for improving the working conditions and occupational safety.

     Implementation of the policy:

We strive in the performance of our current activity to ensure continuous improvement of the Integrated management system and to inspect the policy of the organization for its relevance. This policy will be reconsidered in case of change of legislation, due to organizational changes or due to other circumstances at least once a year. The policy is provided to the entire staff and to other interested persons by the information boards and the modern means of communication. The policy is included in the introduction documents for appointment of a new personnel. The management policy, the manual of the Integrated management system and the documented procedures are obligatory for the entire staff ofMEGA EL EOOD.

My personal involvement and responsibility for implementation of the stated policy on quality, environment and safe labor conditions.
    Sv. Stavrev

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